Let’s Focus on TODAY

Really and truly, how much thought have you given to the Presidential Election of 2016? We just passed the first quarter of 2015 and the candidates for the election have not officially even been announced. Yet, there has been a whole lot of speculation and chatter as to who may or may not and who should or should not run for office. Most of the babble we hear has not come from citizens themselves, but rather from the ever-present, and forever-yakking media. Journalists are taught to report on events that are timely to the present date, but as we distantly approach the 2016 election, should the media be spending substantial air-time on simply speculations? Until there is certainty of an event or fact we should not be hearing reports.

In an interview just last week, TODAY Show host Savanna Guthrie not only pushes the envelope on how early the media is talking about an event that might occur six months from now, but she also pushes the boundaries even farther when she point blank asks Senator Elizabeth Warren on three, arguably four, occasions if she will be running for President of the United States. It is as if Guthrie thinks Senator Warren will change her mind right on camera. Having this conversation on-air is seemingly a waste of time. Senator Warren has the wherewithal to divert the conversation to share what she does believe and stand for as the current senator of Massachusetts, in the moments when Guthrie is not repeatedly asking the same essential question.

It is true that the Presidential campaigns for the election in 2016 are already in the works and will be here before we know it, but until then, let’s let those who are going to run decide on their own and use the air-time to become educated on other matters we can make a difference on while still living in 2015.

Photo Credits: http://www.zmetravel.com/destinations/americas/north-america/construction-white-house-first-brick-till-today-3276

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