Mobile’s on the Move: #Mobilegeddon

In today’s society, the way we consume information is constantly changing. If you look back through history we’ve come a long way. From solely print, to radio, to TV broadcasts, to laptops, to now mobile phones and tablets, options for consuming media are seemingly endless. Each of these platforms are constantly looking for ways to improve in order to convey information in the most informative, yet, simplistic way. In just a few days, Google will be making a substantial change to their search engine. Being termed #Mobilegeddon, Google will be ordering search results based on whether sites are ‘mobile friendly’ or not. Since the announcement of Google’s plans, large corporations, small businesses, personal blogs and profiles alike have been scrambling to reinvent their sites to suite Google’s requirements. Without meeting ‘mobile friendly’ standards, sites that used to be at the top of Google’s search results will be pages deep in cyber space. While complaining about the change has become the topic of the week in the media world, it’s important to keep in mind the future of media.

As a generation constantly on the go, we’re always on our phones and tablets. We often miss the nightly news on television due to our mobility and find ourselves keeping up with the news via our mobile devices. Often it is difficult to navigate sites and connect to alternate links so Google is looking to solidify the displays on our smaller screens. Journalists are finding that although on-the-go type reporting on their mobile devices may sacrifice a degree of quality, the level and amount of content makes up for all lost ground. In an era of instant gratification, it’s important for internet sites to be easily accessible on the go so as more and more people turn to their mobile devices for content and those who’s control center is based around their mobile device may continue to stay in tune to the news in this ever-changing, fast-paced world.

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