To Be A Royal

For most girls, at some point in their lives, they’ve wanted to be a princess. They’ve dressed up as princesses; played games and watched movies about princesses. Somehow the lifestyle of a girl in a crown seems to be everything a young lady could ever want. What those Disney princess movies that many young girls grow up watching never reveal is the lack of privacy and sheer nosiness the media overwhelms the Royals with. Regardless of whether you follow the British monarchy or not, it is common knowledge what a tragedy it was in 1997 when England lost Princess Diana to a fatal car accident. During her time as a princess, Diana commented on the presence of the media and it was known she was not a fan of her every move being broadcasted. To see her death be so public and taken over by the media was, simply stated, a completely sad ending to what was supposed to be a fairy tale.

As technology has advanced and the media presence has grown exponentially, the lack of privacy the Royals have in this century has only fallen worse. Thanks to the tabloids, we’ve learned more details than necessary about Prince Harry’s partying personality and if you really trusted the media, you would have thought Kate Middleton was engaged to Prince William countless times before William actually proposed. For some reason, there is a level of entitlement people feel they deserve to know about those with a title associated with their name and therefore the media attacks every possible angle they can.

With the exciting birth of a Princess, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second child, the media had a hay day in London yet again today. From the build up of whether the royal baby would be a boy or a girl to what Kate would emerge from St. Mary’s Hospital wearing, the media has been talking about the birth of this baby for weeks. Today when the gender of the royal baby was announced and Kate and William emerged from the hospital with baby girl in tow, hundreds of cameras flashed for the world to begin the process of analyzing each and every photo and video just as they did when Prince George was born just two short years ago. William even admits to practicing putting the car seat in the car behind closed doors so he didn’t mess the process up in front of the cameras when George was born–it shouldn’t have to be that way.

At the age of a day old, the princesses’ life is already on display. Without a choice, she has been born into royalty and will know no life outside of the crown because the media won’t let her because they will be watching her every move, association, outfit, attitude- the list goes on and on. It’s important for the media to remember that, yes, these people have a duty to fulfill for their country and having a public presense is just a part of life for them, but they are still people and deserve to live their own lives as much as we do. Sure, as a lover of all the details of the royal family I’d love to hear an update on members of the royal family from time to time, but I think we owe some space and privacy to this family who hasn’t had much of a choice in their lifestyle and really have no way of escaping.  Although the media might silence for a few hours tonight, they’ll be right back at it in the hours proceeding the announcement of the name of the fourth in line to the throne, the Princess of Cambridge.

Follow this link to read USA Today’s report on the birth of the Princess:

See the AP report on the birth of the Princess:

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