Did you grow up with a role model? Growing up, mine was in-house, a built in. She was a warm smile when I needed to be cheer up, a nudge when I needed a push, the voice of reason when I needed to a shoulder to lean on and a voice of truth when I needed to hear the stark reality. That woman is still my role model—she’s someone I aspire to embody qualities of everyday. She’s my mom.

Now that image surely sounds cliché. A daughter looking up to her mother. Big deal.

But I’d say I was a lucky one because everyone grows up differently with dissimilar people in their lives. Some have never been told they did a good job. Or encouraged to try something new. Some have never been told to set a goal and reach it. Or to find a dream and pursue it.

A woman who I have admired since I first heard her open her mouth to sing has something to say about a role model. Just by they way this woman lives her life, she has often reminded me no dream is too big and to stick to what you want to be grounded by. Using her humble platform, Carrie Underwood has made a seemingly simple statement to start a conversation.

She says “I wish that young women knew they are beautiful and they are capable.”

“I wish that young women knew they are beautiful and they are capable”

She’s created a campaign to encourage girls to #StayThePath they want for themselves.

Take a moment and see the powerful message Underwood has so boldly stated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EakK-UBRfD4

Why are there not more people telling young girls that there are no limits for the things they can do? Sometimes all it takes is one encouraging conversation

I know these people are out there. I’ve seen them. I’ve heard them in my own life. But why is it that girls settle for less than their dreams so often? Are we missing the boat? Are we missing opportunities to encourage those around us?

Young women are growing up in a digital age that will not highlight their inner beauty. It won’t truly embrace who they are. And whether we like to admit it or not, the media does influence us in one-way or another.

Now there will continue to be media campaigns that attempt to shed light on what girls should really value like Underwood’s, the #LIKEAGIRL campaign and so many others But the harsh truth is that the world of media will do what it takes to make money. If that means demoralizing a certain group of people, tough. They’re not all too concerned—As long as the money keeps raining in.

That leaves us as individuals with a challenge.

Imagine what would happen if we took the time to notice qualities about one another and explain how incredible that makes them. What would happen if we stopped asking little girls to play dolls and instead engaged them with a book? What would happen if we asked young girls what they would do in life if they could do anything—and then actually followed up to see that they pursue those dreams? What would happen if we stopped asking girls who their celebrity crush it but rather who their life role model is? What would happen if we told girls to stay the path and be who they want to be?

Photo Credits: CALIA by Carrie Underwood

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