‘The Gap’: What will it take?

We know there’s a gap. There’s been conversations about ‘the gap.’ There’s even been actions taken to bridge ‘the gap.’ But it’s clearly not been enough to fix ‘the gap’.

The gap I’m referring to is the proportion of women in the workplace in comparison to men which leads to an uncomfortable work environment for women.

With all of the societal conversation about the disproportion, it would also seem reasonable to guess that companies in the limelight would have it together. One would think, by now, they have a system to figure it out.

Just two days ago, an article was posted discussing how leaked emails revealed Apple employee’s objections to the “sexist, toxic work environment” they operate in. The article goes into detail about how the company claims to have a policy to respond to such a complaint yet, noting has been done. The CEO prides himself in responding to customer requests, but he cannot even respond to emails of his own hardworking employees.

Take a moment to read the article here.


According to the article’s reference to Apple’s most recent diversity report, Apple only has 32% of their employee base as women. That is shockingly low to me. For a company that would seem to be on the cutting edge and in the know about sentiments towards the work culture, 32 percent doesn’t seem like much of an effort is being made.

My question lies in a forward-thinking frame of mind. When is this disproportion going to stop? Because not only are these numbers just statistics, this disproportion is causing an unhealthy work environment for valuable employees.

According to one women Apple employee, “White male privilege runs unchecked” at Apple. She explained, “The worst part is, you don’t know who to trust and who you can reach out to without continued harassment and retaliation.” WHAT? One of the most recognizable brands in the WORLD doesn’t have full support from their own employees!

“White male privilege runs unchecked” at Apple.

Several women who are referenced in the article up and left the company and to this day have a sour taste in their mouth. I highly doubt they are in the cue for the iPhone 7 like the rest of the world.

It is overwhelming to think about how some companies can be so brash towards this topic while others have such a pulse on it.

What will the breaking point on all of this? Must their be a law requiring companies to have a 50/50 employee split of women and men?

And what will it take for men in the workplace to cut out the rape jokes? The pregnancy jokes? The up-down glances? What’s it going to take to put an end to this nonsense?

Not only are companies like Apple letting a hostile environment run wild, they’re loosing productivity from women who have the capability to prove the sky is the limit.


Imbedded Photo Credits: Buster Hein

Cover Photo Credits: Tech.Mic

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