From the ground up

When we make decisions, we look to the example, the crème de la crème. Likewise, we’re always told to set a good example for the sake of those looking to us for guidance.

One would think The White House, of all places, would set the best example for what a model business should look like in the U.S. But instead, it falls short in many areas.

Watch the following video to hear from several seasoned White House women workers:

How is it that there is a national conversation taking place about the in-balance in our nation’s system when it comes to women but our government cannot even clue in and implement equality?

An article published by the Washington Post states that in the White House and in general, “the average man still earns about 16 percent more than the average woman.” Nobody is asking for women to be paid more, they’re just simply asking for equal pay. Hearing this inequality about the salaries in the White House is shocking.

But it sadly goes beyond salaries. Susan E. Rice, the national security advisor for the Obama administration, explained she had to push to get into important meetings. She explains this in the Washington Post’s article, “It’s not pleasant to have to appeal to a man to say, ‘Include me in that meeting.’”

Why is it that this is still happening? Why do women of equal caliber and importance to men still have to fight to get into a literal room. As the Washington Post mentions, even if you get your foot in the door, you still have to get a seat at the table. Why is this a constant fight?

Do women just look incompetent? Do they act incompetent? Why is the underlying issue? What should women do to earn the trust of men?

The White House does have an up to 12 weeks of paid medical and family leave policy, which is better than most federal workers. So there is a little silver lining. There is a start. But what needs to be done to tie the bow on the full package?

If we cannot even get our government on board, it appears as though we have a larger issue on our hands. This issue needs to be solved from the ground up and that takes national figures like the president and his/her to make a statement.

Maybe there’s hope if a women goes into office in November.


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