“You can’t do both”

“You can’t do both.”

Do you know how often women are told that working a high-level job and having a family is just not a plausible hand of cards? How about how often women are discouraged from dreaming big to ‘not waste your time?’

Our society has set a challenge for working parents by allowing childcare prices to skyrocket. For quite some time families have been forced to calculate and compare the cost of continuing to work and pay for childcare or to just quit working all together but save the cost of childcare.

Not being home with your kids is a sacrifice as is not having a job you’ve spent years building up towards. For decades, women have been forced to make a decision.

But, some companies have figured out a solution that works. It’s a compromise that keeps their employees longer, happier and if I were to guess, more productive.

Click here to watch NBC’s report on how Patagonia ‘makes it possible.’

This company’s commitment to their employees is unparalleled to most large and small companies today. They’re also widely liked and wildly successful.

So why is it many more companies don’t join in making their employee’s lives more streamlined? Are they afraid they’ll quite literally be considered in the ‘babysitter’s club?’ In all seriousness what is holding them back from creating a family program like Patagonia has? What are the drawbacks? Do they outweight the benefit for their employees? I’d go out on a whim and say, there’s no way.

Are they afraid they’ll quite literally be considered in the ‘babysitter’s club?’

Happier employees means a happier work environment which means people like coming to work which means people are in the office more often which can only mean more work is accomplished and the company is better off than when it’s employees had to duck out early to pick of their kids and struggle to pay the bills because of insane childcare costs.

Our companies can do better. Now we must figure out how to challenge them to make a difference in the lives of so many who want to make both dreams work.

Photo Credits: Quartz

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