The war of words: When will it end?

Over the past several years there’s been conversations about how brutal people are on Twitter and other social medias saying things they probably wouldn’t say in person.

Clips were made with people reading these awful statements that people posted on social media about themselves out loud. Some of their reactions were humorous while other showed their true feelings and emotions. These clips started to humanize what social media has done to the human race. Watch one here.

But it’s not just the tweets. There’s much more that goes on via email and behind closed doors. Specifically to women.

There’s much more that goes on via email and behind closed doors.

A husband wife duo who both happen to write for the same paper had an interesting realization causing the husband to speak out.

Read more about the story here.

He spoke out saying that the fight that woman are facing that men don’t see is far worse than the ones that the world sees online.

The fact that it’s worse via email is scary considering the awful comments we see on Twitter and consequently in the news all the time.

But to problem solve this crossfire, should our mentality be to toughen up and deal with it? Or is there a line that’s too far?

If there is? Who has the authority to do something about it? The government? Most likely not because of the 1st Amendment.

These are all questions I have as I head out into the professional world. Will I just have to stand up for myself when there are crude things said about me? Or will I have support from my boss, coworkers, industry and/or professional world?

Do people still believe in the concept that words hurt? OR has that gone completely out the window?

When is enough going to be enough?

When is enough going to be enough?

If what they’re saying is supposed to be constructive, when will individuals stop ranting about what they’re upset about and actually do something productive about it? Just slamming on a key board behind a screen doesn’t create an environment that fosters change.  Instead it fosters hatred.

It’s a war of words, not intellectual conversations. When will it end?


Photo Credits: Ad Week



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